how good translations help your business

how good translations help your business

Boosted traffic to your website

Translating your website helps more people around the world find you and increases your chances of more international business. Furthermore, more and more businesses every day translate their online and offline communication so they can attract this wider audience and increase their profit. Without good translations, you stand to lose a considerable number of customers who’d prefer to read about your services or products in their own language or at least in a language they better understand than, e.g. German.

To ensure that visitors to your site stay on it, it’s important to make sure your content is good in all of the languages you show it in. Potential customers are quickly put off by language errors, unclear sentences, or jokes and idioms that are lost in translation. Don’t have potential customers (and profits) running away from you.

If you’re in an innovative sector with little local or wider competition, there’s a good chance you can get a good head start on your competition by reaching a wider audience with a multi-lingual site.

Better Customer Experience and Maximised Profit


Most customers only visit websites in their own language and rarely buy products or services when these are only listed in a foreign language.


Customers trust a business more if they can read its product descriptions, payment methods and shipping options in their own language.


Customers engage and buy more if content is translated into their own language and localized to suit their culture.


Increase the time customers spend browsing your site by making information accessible to them in their own language.